In August 2008 I got my long awaited Shiba World magazine form the USA. There were 4 editions at once, so I had plenty to read. In one of those editions there was an extensive article about the Shiba Frerose Good Will Hunter. He was praised as the No. 1 Shiba Inu 2004-2005-206-2007 (later on it became apparent that he was also the No. 1 Shiba for 2008). That I could believe, as personally, I found it a very good looking Shiba! And as we were already thinking for some time to import a dog from abroad, to improve the genepool in the Netherlands, I thought:"Come on, why not? You never know when you do not try." So I wrote an e-mail to Diane and Fred Duane. If they were willing to consider to export a daughter of Hunter (because that was my goal) to us. Unbelievable! I received a reply that same day! And yes, they were willing to consider it.....I did not believe it at first. But, time passed, I had told them I was in no hurry, I'd rather wait a bit longer for the right puppy to come along, than to take a rash desicion. Around New year Diane and Fred mailed me that they had a litter from Frerose Angel in Disguise with their Japanese import "Gen". Hmmmm, that was tempting of course, because I had no idea when a litter with Hunter as sire would be born. In the end I decided to wait, after all, I wanted a daughter from Hunter and not of some other dog, how interesting the combination may be. So I stood firm and told Diane and Fred I would wait. They again would keep me updated on any developments. End of March they let me know that Hunter had finally returned home, "retired as top winning Shiba of all time" as they said it. They would inform me when puppies were available. It turned summer and as usual we would leave for 3 weeks of France with the whole gang. I thought:"It may be a good idea to let them know were gone, because if there would be news and they won't get a reply from me, they could think we are no longer interested!" But they replied that Hunter was now with a nice bitch and as soon as she became in heat and gets bred, they would let me know. That was end June 2009. In the mean time we had contacted Wilma of Mara-Shimas about their little fellow, born out of Shinko and Koki. We could pick him up at the beginning of August. And we were so focussed on Bizkid that the whole Frerose adventure was pushed towards the back of our minds......after all, we were waiting for nearly a year and possibly it would take even longer (which in itself was no problem at all, again we'd rather wait longer for the right puppy, than to be rushed into a decision). However, on the 3rd of October we were home late, we were at a birthday party of good friends and one thing led to another. Out of habit I checked my e-mails before going to bed and......there it was.......the message that Hunters puppies were born!!! They were born on the 28th of August 2009, there was one male and two females and I could make my choice between the two! I was completely out of my wits, because this meant that around end of October they would be 8 weeks old and we had still had a million things to arrange. We got pictures of the two females and one week later some moree of each of them. My choice was easily made, one female definately had the charisma I was looking for and I immediately informed Diane and Fred which female they could reserve for me. Meanwhile Marco and I were busy checking all kinds of things: flights, hotels, health certificates etc. Marco had indicated to me that most probably he would be able to combine a trip to the USA with a meeting for work in Canada, therefore it would be best that he would pick up the young lady in South Carolina. Well, that was fantastic of course. The plan was that Marco would leave on Saturday the 31st of October for Montreal, his meeting would be on Monday, Tuesday he would fly from Montreal to Altanta, rent a car and drive to Manning SC, meet the Duanes the next day, should something needed to be arranged, that could be done on Thursday en on Friday the 6th of November he would fly home to Schiphol, where I would pick him up at 12 o'clock the next day. On the 21st of October I received an e-mail from Diana and Fred, saying that they had contact with the USDA-APHIS (the authority to validate the health certificate) and they had said that they would need either a release form from the proper Dutch authorities, stating that a puppy of 10 weeks old does not need to have a rabies vaccination, as it is too young or they required an import permit. Oh my God, that was all I needed! Of course, I immediately contact the VWA and explained the whole situation to them, but they did not spend a lot of words on it. No, not possible, is not our policy, we will not accommodate, the rules are clear and should one need to know more in the USA then they could send the VWA an e-mail. Well, that felt great, how was I going to explain this to the USDA....Luckily I received all cooperation possible of Ms Margie Entzminger and she accepted my written explanation about the standpoint of the VWA. So we made an appointment for Marco for Thursdayv the 5th of November at 11 o'clock at their office in Columbia, so that they could validate the health certificaten. Pooh, everything settled after all.


At last things were happening, Saturday the 31st of October. I took Marco to Roermond for him to take train to Schiphol. He kept me informed by text messages. I counted the days. Monday I thought:"Now he is in a meeting", Tuesday it was:"Now he is taking the plane to Atlanta." On Wednesday I heard nothing for a long time, so that by the end of the day I could not control myself anymore and I called Marco on his cell phone. He was sitting in the sun in Diane and Freds garden chatting about all kinds of things! He had seen all their dogs including our little lady. He told me that they paid us a compliment with our choice, as she definately was prettiest/best puppy of this litter. The male and other female they would keep for themselves, as Hunter does not have a lot of off spring. It also became apparent that actually they never export dogs, but for us they made an exception as we had so specifically asked for a daughter of Hunters. Obviously, we felt honoured, now I understood why they had so many questions in the beginning about the whole export documentation. Marco was very enthousiastic and promised me to send pictures by the end of the day, being back at the hotel. Also the next day at the USDA went without problems, everybody was very friendly and cooperative en completely taken by little Brittney! Marco told me that also on the road a lot of people were attracted by her and they would pull over to admire her. Even big sturdy guys went all soft by the looks of Brittney! I could not wait till Saturday when I could hold them both in my arms......and at last D-Day arrived. Bizkid and I went to Schiphol and we hardly set foot in the hall or Marco already came towards us! Everything had gone so smoothly, his suitcase was 5th on the conveyor belt, so he could leave instantly.

We already adore our Brittney, our Southern Belle from the USA and we are confident in our future with her. We want to express our thanks and gratitute to Diane and Fred Duane of Frerose Kennels for entrusting us with this beautiful lady, daughter of Ch. Frerose Good Will Hunter and Frerose Topaz.


Brittney has HD A and is free of patella luxation and hereditary eye diseases.