Cadeau Litter - 2012

5 September

This year we were so anxious in having another litter! So when Brittney showed signs of heat end of April, we decided to check her progesterone level at the clinic in Sleeuwijk. Luckily, they gave us an appointment for that afternoon, even it was Saturdays. The score was still very low, 1.3 but it was a start. At least we were still on time! A new appointment was set for Tuesday. But then we saw that Barbie was also showing blood, so we thought, why don't we take her as well on Tuesday? At least then we will know what the situation is. Unfortunately, both ladies were still very low in progesterone level that Tuesday. Okay, so a third appointment was made for Friday, then Marco could go with both ladies. But also then the scores were still low, it was not really progressing. We were going into the Queensday weekend, so a new appointment was planned for Tuesday 1 May. But on Saturday Barbie let Bizkid mate with her! And on Sunday and on Monday! And Brittney let Bazooka mate with her on Monday 30 April all of a sudden, party time! So we cancelled the appointment for Tuesday. Especially for Brittney and Bazooka we were extremely happy that it had happened, it was the first time for both of them, so that hurdle was taken now. Now we just needed to wait and see if it had been the right moment....Brittney did not show any changes in the following period, she remained her own headstrong self. But Barbie did start to show some signs, she gained some weight, her tommy got bare, so we really got our hopes up high that she was carrying. So end of June we had an X-ray made of Barbie (not of Brittney, as we were pretty sure that she wasn't carrying). Big was our disappointment when the X-ray showed that also Barbie wasn't carrying! She was a serious case of pseudo-pregnancy and that was no joy for her either. But Okay, we put ourselves beyond the disappointment as well as we could, life goes on in the end. But not long after this Brittneys season started again, would she suffer from a split season? And very much to our surprise she let Bazooka mate her as a genuine American on the 4th of July! And to finish it off, as well on the 5th! Well, that was quite unexpected. To be honoust, we had no expectations whatsoever of this mating, because we hadn't gone to Sleeuwijk anymore for testing so we just had to wait and see if this had been the right moment. But as said before, we were already extremely happy that all went in a natural way, so that gave us hope for the future.

Time passed and we received a lot of enquiries for puppies, but I referred them all to the NVAI, after all, I was not expecting any puppies. Saturday 1 September I was at the show in Luxemburg together with Bizkid, where he became Champion of Luxemburg. There I decided to enter the Belgian Clubmatch to be held on 23 September. Sunday 2 September was the deadline. So that Sunday I entered filled with confidence Bizkid, Bella and Brittney. Marco would tag along, so three entries should be feasible, we were looking forward to the Belgian chips and fried chicken. Later that week Marco had to go to Vienna on business trip for a couple of days, he would leave Wednesday the 5th in the afternoon. No problem, I arranged an early finish from work, to be able to attend to our 9 dogs at my leisure. Everything went smooth, doggies were all good, for Brittney I had something really nice to eat, because we did think she was becoming a bit skinny lately. But as she is such a picky eater, we did not think of it much. What she likes today, she will find boring the day after, so it is not very easy to keep her on a regular diet. But the sausage I brought her went down like cotton candy, so that was a plus. Around 8 o'clock in the evening I had installed myself in front of the TV awaiting my favourite programme (SAY YES TO THE DRESS, great show, wonderful to seen how happy these brides to be become of the right dress!), when from the kitchen area an enourmous gulf of sound came! Of course, I went to check it out immediately and I thought I was going to faint: throughout the sound of the dogs barking I heard a little peeping-sound! Like of a newbly born puppy! And that sound came out of Brittneys bench! For a moment I was totally flabbergasted, Brittney gave birth to a puppy! And I did not even know she was carrying! I had to make a quick switch in my mind and gather all necessary things. Now I realise that I cannot remember 100% what I did first and how I managed, but the result was that at 20.15 hours uur Brittney, her newborn puppy and I (it was a red bitch by the way!) were in the nursery, with hot water bottles and the heater on. I sent Marco a text message with a photo of the newly orn baby, thinking he would jump to call me. But that did not happen....he did not call. So then I called him and what was the case: abroad he does not have an internet connection on his mobile phone, so he had not seen the picture yet. Well, he nearly fell off his chair in the restaurant in Vienna! His Brittney, his American lady gaev birht to a beautiful red daughter, he could hardly grasp it. And he wasn't even home when it happened. Of course, he could not wait until it was Friday and he could see this miracle with his own eyes, as a miracle it certainly was in our eyes. That night I was up all night with Brittney, as I needed to be there for her if more puppies would be born, althoug that chance was very small. The reason we had not seen or noticed anything on Brittney was of course caused by the fact it was only one, but still, you have to be sure. As a result of the whole night on the floor I was a total loss the next day. But very happy! On Facebook I haduploaded a picture with the text "Brittneys first" and the reactions came right in. With the help of Maryline Philippart and Ina Nisenbaum I eventually came up with the name of Foxy Bee Cadeau Brigitte Bardot (BB pour les intimis). As this little lady is a very welcome present.......

Mam and kid Mishiko