Our names are Marco and Nancy van Rattingen-Schenkhuizen, and we just love dogs. It all started as a hobby, but in the course of time we became fan of the Shiba. Our goal is to breed Shiba's of outstanding quality and character, according to the rules set by the Raad van Beheer van Kynologie in The Netherlands and the dutch Akita club (who also represent the interests of the Shiba), of which we are members and where we are registered officially as breeders. Meanwhile we are also registered by the Belgian Akitaclub.

We think it important to breed dogs who not only meet the standard with their appearance, but also have character and personality. A dog can be as close to the breeding standard as can be, if he does not show character, he is less of a success in our eyes. But a dog who enjoys life, has a presence and opens himself up for you, you will forgive easily an imperfection in appearance. If his muzzle is somewhat long, or his ears are somewhat big, in short: he does not answer the ideal of the breed standard completely, but he is a happy and lively dog, we are very content. We realise all to well that not every puppy one breeds can be a champion, but we strife to find a good balance between appearance and character.

Why the Shiba? That question has been posed to us many times, and it is still a hard one to answer, because what makes the Shiba so special? Each dog breed has its special attraction for certain people, why would one choose a Shiba? I think for us the most important thing about the Shiba is their independant, opinionated personality which is saying:"Hey look at me, I am a Shiba!" Their curiosity and open-heartedness towards other beings (man and animal alike), showing their affection and still be very to themselves. And of course, their appearance plays a part: who wouldn't fall in love with their cuddliness, the coat, their chubby cheeks, those cute ears............But it is the total package that does it for us! The Shiba definitely has the X-factor!